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Happy New Year. And with this new year, I have a new desk - an actual desk. And I've moved myself up from the basement to my first floor study. It feels good. Maybe I'll log more computer time now!

But with the new year comes the same annual withdrawl which sparks the overdue Temagami picture post. It could be that we're getting better at fishing, but it's more likely that we all have so much less free time, that the Temagami trip continues to accrue more and more sentimental value.


Embrace the solitude



Hacked - WOW

After ten years of service, our site was exploited for the second time. In 2006, it was an errant header that compromised my access credentials. This time, it was the lack of proper management on our upload feature, paired with the fact that all new users automatically receive upload privileges on the blog and bio pages. My bad. Fortunately our new hacker friend was kind enough to point out our shortcomings with only a minimal amount of gloating and denial of service. Thanks for going easy on us.



Did I mention it's ChasingTowers' 10 Year anniversary? That's like 180 in people years. Guess I should have made a bigger deal...



Blink and you missed it

It's 2014. My last homepage post was in April... of 2011. What happened to this place? Did Facebook and Twitter completely overthrow the personal website? Perhaps that is a sign of the times. The 2011 times. All this being said, should CT get revamped as another landing page for all out social media feeds? It it even worth the effort?

And can our readers even reply to these rhetorical questions? I'll answer that with a confident "no", as my password encryption algorithm was upgrading by the host provider forcing everyone to require a password reset. Apparently there was a neat conversion tool in 2012 but I guess we missed that one. And since password encryption is designed to be one-way, there is no way to re-encipher now.

You know how to reach me if you want a new password. Or you can create a new account. Or you can stay with your social media. Best wishes in 2014, whatever path you choose.




I've noticed some commonalities in a couple of colleagues who are retiring this month. Meanwhile, I see at least two others who are up for retirement but choosing not to. Made me wonder what separates them...




Happy New Year 2011!

2010 new year's scavenger hunt

Happy New Year everyone. Our 2010 New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt winner is posted (and pictured above). Congratulations to all who entered. You can see the results, scores, and comments here, or read the article showing the winning pics.

And I will add that 2011 is a prime number - always special to any numbers geeks. Here's to a great wrap to a good year, and a better foot forward for the new year!



2010 Scavenger Hunt!

2010 new year's scavenger hunt

Above is the first submission to my 2nd Annual New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt! The concept is simple. I send you a list of 6 items to identify, collect, and photograph, and you send your single portrait back. Post the results, see who did best, yada, yada, yada...

Check this year's results here.



It's that time of year

my eyes are red and my teeth are green...

Tis the season to be grrrrrrrrr. Actually, I can't complain. Snowblower started on the first try and I was able to clear the whole driveway on what little stale gas I left in there from last year! Tree is up. 3 strands of lights placed. About 12 bulbs replaced.

In the pick'ems, we have our final two Survivors. Last week showed a few big moves in the pick'ems, proving there's still time to capture that. But who knows about the sportsbook?? I know I lost a 13 team parlay last week on an overtime loss in Indy. 12/13 in the parlay is worth all the disgust and ill-feelings it paid. Bah.

Check the lines and stats here.



Pick'em Returns

same old choking football pic

Back by popular demand with a new 2010 price, ChasingTowers has started up the Pick'em Pool! Our privately hosted tournament features three categories (survivor, pick'em, and sportsbook), each of which awards the top two performers. Rules are posted.

So tell your friends, sign in, and start picking!

NFL Picks

(The link looks like this)



Busted - Temagami20X


I've been on vacation less than an hour and I'm already finding myself in trouble. Customs seemed more concerned with our over-zealous Duty-Free purchases than whatever goodies we stowed away under the boat cover. The rest of the adventure will be updated daily right here, in the Temagami 20x blog.



Another Fish Story

ChasingTowers: Fishing blog

Posted a half-dozen more pics from my latest fishing trip, including a story about a Large Mouth the size of a mailbox! Check out the blog.



Jay's Boat v1.3

ChasingTowers: Jays Boat 1.3

Posted the latest progress with Jay's boat, including some needed backlog.



Goodbye Boat

My fiberglass boat

You can tell summer's almost here because my boat sold off of Craigslist just two days after being listed. From that boat I caught my first pike, learned to always check the drain plugs before launching, and memorized where every unlighted buoy hides out in the upper Niagara at night. Great times!




Hoover Dam

Added pictures from Hoover Dam. One could argue this is just a flooded continuation of the Grand Canyon, but they deserve separate articles.



Wow (cont.)

grand canyon

Posted our album of the Grand Canyon as promised... and on time!




grand canyon

We knew it would be 3 hours out of our way to drive to and from the Grand Canyon off of I-40. We also knew it would be worth it. And we were still awestruck.

For now I'll post a few pictures into the blog "My Odyssey - Part 2", but I promise an article with higher resolution pictures and video.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day, Mom!



Work From Where??

sunrise in san juan

And so begins my semi-epic journey that will span multiple states over multiple forms of transportation. The first leg is a Caribbean adventure, with this post coming poolside in Puerto Rico!

Follow along in my blog, arrogantly titled "My Odyssey".

ps... In case I don't update this on Sunday, Happy Birthday Sarah!!



Get in the Game

waffle house smothered and covered

WaffleHouse gets props today for their efforts in trying to capitalize off an already overmarketed holiday. In fact, their spam was so good that I still can't tell if WaffleHouse was being serious or funny about their "reservations-only" Valentine's Day dinner.

So good, even, that I started a Best Spam Ever blog to immortalize that rare piece of spam that is worth sharing!

ps... Valentine's Day SUCKS
Hallmark SUCKS
Krypton Sucks



New Year's Disillusion

Lettuce wrapped egg salad

ChasingTowers welcomes 2010 with a few delays. First, it's January 26th before I seemingly have anything posted to the home page. I say seemingly because I was able to get the Blog link updated so it takes you to the top 10 most recent blogs instead of the old description page of what a Blog was. That was soooo last decade! We also made a major update to the blogs themselves, adding a picture description (alt text) field, an auto-thumbnail and auto-resize full scale agent, and a decent amount of content, too. So lay off!

Second, with record Wii Fit sales, a P90X blog and Insanity blog for work outs, and the passing of the "holiday meal" season, everyone's full of new year expectations! We'll be watching them closely to see who can stick it out the best. Personally, our biggest critic is the one guy refusing to participate.

Speaking of Spooke, I stole this entry's title from his New Year's article "New Year's Disillusions" - an article he promised to post New Year's Weekend. Waiting, sweetheart... still waiting!

Happy New Year all!


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